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Thread: Calculating apparent magnitude of Saturn from Rhea

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    How do I calculate the apparent magnitude of Saturn from Rhea? Then how much the surface of Rhea is illuminated by Saturnshine, say as compared to how bright the moon lights up Earth with moonshine. Please tell me if I have the all the variables I need:

    Assuming there is a full-Saturn the variables I need:

    Albedo of Saturn.
    Average distance of Rhea.
    Surface area of the sky occupied by Saturn as viewed from Rhea at high noon.
    Amount of light reflected by Saturn.

    Are these all the variables I need? And what equation can I use to calculate all of this?

    Thanks for the help!

    PS I have no mathematics education outside of GCSE, and it is really frustrating having these concepts to work out but not the knowledge to do so...

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