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Thread: Big Questions About the Sun and Solar System - 10 Year Agenda For Answers

  1. #1 Big Questions About the Sun and Solar System - 10 Year Agenda For Answers 
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    Scientists have been studying the sun for many decades. Several Big Questions have eluded answers:
    - How does the sun generate its variable magnetic field that extends throughout the heliosphere?
    - How does the sun's magnetism create the heat and mass fluxes into the corona and solar wind? Why is the corona so much hotter than the photosphere? How is the solar wind accelerated?
    - How is magnetism stored and released from the corona to so efficiently accelerate flares and CMEs?
    - How does the sun interact with the local galactic medium to protect Earth?

    NASA plans to extend current missions and launch new ones with a ten year agenda for finally solving these problems. Their answers will apply to all the stars in the universe - so astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists and science students will need to pay close attention!
    Solar and Space Physics: A Science for a Technological Society

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