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Thread: Possibilites of life on Europa?

  1. #1 Possibilites of life on Europa? 
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    Under it's icy surface, many scientists predict Jupiter's moon Europa contains a large ocean, one that could very likely be over two times the volume of all Earth's oceans combined. With this, I've been hearing on different science programs on the television that there is a possibility basic life forms could have formed in this ocean. How possible actually is this though? If there is a life in Europa's oceans, how evolved do you think it would be? I know none of us can know for sure, I'm just interested in how possible the rest of you think this is.

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    Hello silverfish. Welcome into this Lifeboat. Would this ocean be salty, do you think? Thinking availability of hydrogen/oxygen H2O etc. How thick do you imagine Europa's ice to be? Jupiter is a large Planet. Do you know what the gravity conditions would be like on the surface of Europa? If there was water, ie as in oceans, beneath the ice, would there be tidal surges of this fluid layer? Does Europa exhibute any wobble that might indicate Tidal Influence? I am as curious as you are silverfish. westwind.

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