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Thread: Acid Content of the Atmosphere of Venus

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    I have been trying to find out how much sulfuric acid is in the atmosphere of Venus. Some sources say that most of the reflective clouds of Venus are made of sulfur dioxide and that there is very little sulfuric acid there. Other sources have told me the opposite, that the clouds of Venus are mostly sulfuric acid. Which is true? Additionally, does anyone know exactly how much sulfuric acid is on Venus?

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    Sulfur dioxide is about 0.02% of the atmosphere if I remember correctly. It's mostly CO2 and Nitrogen gas.

    The sulfuric acid would be produced in the upper atmosphere through a photochemical reaction. If you asking exactly how much there is at any given time, you'd have to search for probe surveys as I don't have that info in my brain. It is true that clouds of sulfuric acid obscure our views of the surface..

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