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Thread: The universe that existed before the Big Bang?

  1. #1 The universe that existed before the Big Bang? 
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    Can we explain the readings on this discovery
    A renowned scientist says he has spotted evidence that a universe existed before the Big Bang.
    Professor Roger Penrose from Oxford University says concentric circles discovered in the background microwaves of the universe provides evidence of events that took place before the universe came into being.
    The cosmic microwave offers us a ghostly look at the the universe just 300,000 years after the Big Ban' - a microscopic amount of time compared to the universe's estimated age of 13.7billion years.The research by Penrose, who was awarded the 1988 Wolf Prize along with Stephen Hawkings for adding to our cosmic knowledge, adds evidence to the theory that the universe has expanded ('the Big Bang') and contracted ('the Big Crunch') many times.

    Read more: Is the secret of the 'previous' universe hidden in the microwaves? Scientist 'spots' ghost from before the Big Bang | Mail Online

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    Questions will ever remain and new answers will be created. Answers will ever be questioned while new answers are created. I say if there was a big bang, it is still banging at present. Setting dates on any period of time, is like peeling a layer from the obvious.

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    Cosmology gets more complex every day. We have expanding universes, big crunches, oscillating universes, parallel universes and a multiverse.

    But if Roger Penrose has discovered a pre-existing universe, you can't prove it by me.
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