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Thread: About Multiverse and String Theory

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    Not a scientist here, just interested in the subject of Life, the Universe and Everything. I often get confused with the details on Quantum Physics and Space-Time relativity but don't have someone who's a specialist in this area to talk about it so I build up questions, forget about them and go to the pub, thus never getting a full comprehension on the subject.

    I was watching one of the Documentaries from History Channel about Parallel Universes and got a few questions...

    If our universe is a vibrating membrane, can it possibly be one of the sub-atomic particles (those strings and membranes from the string theory) of a bigger parallel universe? On the same line of thought, could the strings and membranes that we are seeking (for example at the CERN) be tiny little universes themselves?

    This would mean that we didn't reach the tiniest fraction of matter yet.

    This would also mean that at every particle collider we might be artificially generating big bangs for other parallel universes...

    Sorry if it's a invalid proposal or if it has been already asked and answered, I couldn't find any material specifically on this.

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    The idea of multiverse is beginning to be accepted without a grain of evidence.

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    I like to watch everything i can about the universe but i'm no scientist either, There is no proof that a multi-verse exists but then it doesn't mean its not true. The problem is until someone can traverse from one to the other we will never really know. Just like we assume the shape of our galaxy as being a spiral, there is not much real evidence of this simply because we exist in a very small part, in alignment with the galaxy itself, how can we really say what it looks like without actually seeing it for ourselves. Over the years theory after theory has been busted simply by better observation. higher resolution and different ways of looking at things.

    I like to think the universe we can see is actually a void inside 2 different two dimensional planes of true existence.

    Think of a plasma, hot and dense, existing like a thin sheet of paper, One is made from positive energy (matter) the other is made from negative energy (anti matter), These two sheets are separated by a thin membrane we call the three dimensional universe. At one point this universe would have been like a barrier separating the 2, keeping things stable. A small weakness in the three dimensional universe allowed matter to slip through to the anti matter side. This would draw slightly more matter into the the 3D universe. In an instant the matter wins and eradicates the smaller amount of anti matter which also seeped into the 3D universe. The reaction would cause a flash in the 2D plasma sheets, creating a void where the matter is free to expand. This void like a gas explosion rapidly expands, In a massive scale we would see a void gradually moving larger and larger, there would be a bubble of empty space, expanding and inflating until the point where the bubble "bursts" and the 2D sheets would re gain their structure once more and the 3D universe gets squished back down to a membrane. Dark energy may infact be the 2D universe trying to regain its true form.

    This is just my theory. I don't like any theory which says everything was born from nothing, or some singularity where all matter was at one single point. If this was true and everything was at this singularity then surely it would exist as a state of plasma, with a tremendous gravitational pull, Like a sun, Even if the primary forces didn't exist something would have to be keeping that single point in a point. Things just can't be explained which is why the arguments and debates will carry on indefinitely.

    I have a theory about multi-verses which could be tested, If we exist in millions and millions of different multi-verses where every possibility has happened then we should look to the large hadron collider. If it is true then somewhere in another dimension of existence someone would be running the exact same experiment at the exact same time. I'm no scientist, so if someone from the hadron collider was to listen to me you must admit it would be pretty astronomical odds that I could influence the experiment to be delayed for even just a minute. So say i have delayed the experiment for a minute the scientists run the collectors and detectors as normal, surely if some exotic particle was to exist in another dimension then maybe, just maybe the force of the impacting particles in the other dimension, just a piece of that other dimensions experiment would get displaced and sent to our collectors at the moment our experiment was originally planned, so while we have not done our experiment, we see the other dimension as a single or few stray exotic particles.

    Food for thought no?

    P.S if someone does try it and i'm proven to be right or wrong please call it the Little Titan Delay experiment! Little being my surname, Titan being my nickname and the delay being obvious :P lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Colyer View Post
    The idea of multiverse is beginning to be accepted without a grain of evidence.
    It is by no means 'accepted', it is simply taken as a serious possibility - do you not see the difference?
    Moreover, it is taken seriously because the idea of a multiverse arises naturally from a number of theories. It was not simply guessed and injected into the models.
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