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Thread: Cosmonaut Suits: Space Radiation vs Chernobyl

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    Were radiations caused by the Chernobyl nuclear accident greater than radiation exposure of a Space walk? And would it have been better for helicopter pilots (who were among the first to die shortly after because hovering over invisible columns of radiation) to have worn Cosmonaut suits to protect them from radiation?

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    Radiation in Chernobly's debris is insanely higher than the solar storm produced by the Sun in space: here's the figure
    1) August 1972 solar storm produce 400 rem if measured at the surface of the moon* (but it could go as high as 7,000rem**)
    2) "Vicinity of the reactor core" produce 30,000 rem at Chernobly***

    So space-suit can't handle the "Vicinity of the reactor core"(=30,000rem) because it was only designed for space-flight (~1rem*).

    *NASA - Sickening Solar Flares
    **What are space radiation effects?
    ***Chernobyl disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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