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Thread: Lets Slice our Galaxy in half on the Horizontal Plane.

  1. #1 Lets Slice our Galaxy in half on the Horizontal Plane. 
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    Dear Fellow Members and Guests, looking from space at our Galaxy when it is Horizontal to our viewing position, can we take the top half off and have a look for our Solar System's Location? This, is a concept to test a theory of our Solar System in it's ongoing periodical movement, osillations, from the top edge of our Galatic mass on the horizontal plane through to the lower edge on the Horizontal plane, with a suggested 65 million years timeframe. I am interested to find out where we are at the present time in this Cyclatic journey? The justification for this Thread stems from my recent Thread Quote '' Our Universe exposes Itself '' end Quote. I choose to open a new Thread, herein, to concentrate soley on positional Physics of our Solar System. And to ascertain, if possible, any varitability,or regularity, in this cylclatic journey through the cross section of our Spiral Arm.? The other problem I have with this is that if it is good enough for our Solar System to be moving about like this, what about all the other Solar Systems contained within our Galaxy? Talk about peak hour traffic chaos, there must be thousands of other Solar Systems, at a guess, exposing themselves on the edges of the Horizontal Spiral Arms.? We should know if it is dangerous to be caught in this external position, (Magnetic protection etc; ) and should we now be looking out to see where we are in the scheme of things.? westwind.


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    Of course the galaxy has had who knows how many billions of years to balance out kind of like the solar system but on a massive scale. I don't know for certain but our solar sytem seems to be pretty well established in regards to orbits and movement. After all this time wouldn't the galaxy have assumed the same stability in regards to orbital tracks and rotational paths?

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    Our galaxy is still digesting the last few dwarf galaxies it absorbed. There are trails of stars from many of disrupted ones; each one causes a disruption to the Milky Way as well.
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