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Thread: If a Star falls into a Black hole

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    If a Star falls into a Black hole

    Are all of the atoms squeezed together within the Star .Preventing movement, And if so What would this effect have on the heat that was once emitted by the Star. Would the Star fall into a gas less
    state, How would you class a frozen Atom. Just wondering.

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    Do you mean "If a star collapses into a Black hole." of its own making?
    When a huge star collapses under gravity then the electrons and protons of all its atoms are squeezed together into neutrons. This creates a counterforce to gravity known as neutron degeneracy. If gravity overcomes this force, then the now neutron star collapses into a singularity. If the star was non-rotating, then it collapses to a point of zero volume. If it rotated, then it should collapse into a spinning ring of the Planck length to preserve angular momentum. The ring has a height of zero, thus its volume is also zero.

    If you do mean "If a star falls into a Black hole", then it would be torn apart by friction at the accretion disk and its atoms would do the above when they get to the singularity.

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    We don't really know what happens to matter that falls into a black hole - and to some extent, it doesn't matter. The mass and energy will contribute to the mass of the black hole and that is all that can be detected externally.

    General relativity tells us that matter gets infinitely compressed at the centre of the black hole. But that may not be accurate at these extreme conditions.

    This might be of interest:
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