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Thread: Gravitational lens visualization in our stellar neighborhood

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    Hello, my name is Don Jennings, AKA sonhouse here and at where we have forums also, one being puzzles.
    I have worked out a lot of visualization effects that I would like to make into a book and an companion DVD with animated graphics showing the effects I worked out and some of the benefits that gravitaional lensing might give us in the future when space propulsion can get us to at least the solar foci. This forum is a bit limited to spell it all out. Would someone at least be interested in a private email discussion of this project? I need someone with expertise in ray tracing as it applies to gravitaional lensing in the vacinity of our sun and the closer stars around us, like Sirius, AC and the like. I uncovered a grand vision of this stuff and want to share it. I have no fear of someone stealing my stuff, I am not paranoid like that. I want to work with someone on a serious project. In regular ray tracing, you want the effects of light hitting some object and the resultant shadowing and diffused lighting effects, etc. In my project I am interested in showing the path the actual light takes, maybe illustrated somewhat like a cloudy room showing a green laser. That shows the actual light path, not the effects of reflections and such. Thanks again.

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    It sounds like an interesting project.

    Good luck with it. Sorry I can't contribute more than those good wishes.

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