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    Four to six years ago, there was a program on History or Discovery channel that was about the history of the universe. I believe it was called "The Universe". There were 5-6 episodes. I'm trying to find ta complete CD collection of the TV show.

    As I recall, the series was shown once in 2005 thru 2007 TV seasons. It was before the financial crisis in 2008.

    Each episode was about a distinct part of the universe.

    The episodes I remember:

    A. Big Bang - A time line was used to show when things occurred relative to now. What occurred in the first 60 seconds/minutes after the big bang was explained in detail. How planets & stars were formed.
    B. The Earth - time line from when the earth was created to the positions of the continents now. The program talked a lot about plate tectonics. Here are a few things I remember:
    1. At one time the earth was a completely frozen "snow ball". All the continents formed a single large continent called Pangaea (Pangaea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . The ocean currents moving from warm water to cold regions were blocked and the earth froze, hence "Snow Ball. I distinctly remember the term "snow ball" was used to describe the frozen earth. Earth became unfrozen when the continental plates broke apart into multiple continent because of volcanic activity. The ocean currents could then flowed to distribute heat through the planet (not ice ages). Perhaps at the end of this show they it talked about Sydney Australia becoming a suburb of Seattle, Washington.
    2. There was a discussion of how water got on the planet. It seems there is more water that can be explained by water fromy ice comets. That is a real mystery!
    3. How the composition of gasses in atmosphere and oceans changed over time.
    4. Why the oceans color changed from green(?) to blue. The reason was because life formed in the oceans and a by product was oxygen.
    5. How the atmosphere changed significantly a few tunes over the last 2-3 billion years. It was primarily carbon dioxide because of volcanic activity. The CO2 was transferred from gas to land based storage.
    6. Perhaps something about how coal and oil deposits were created. Not sure if from this series.
    7. I think in this series, it showed a large asteroid partially smashing into a the earth (not a direct hit). All the dust/particles ejected out of the atmosphere formed a dust/asteroid belt around the earth. Perhaps there was a large chunk and over time the dust and larger particles coalesced to form the moon.

    C. The Milky Way galaxy.

    D. Perhaps there was an episode on stars?

    I hope I not getting these details mixed in from similar programs.

    One thing that was in most, if not all shows, a time line was used to show when major events occurred (e.g. extension of dinosaurs).

    I think there were 5 episodes.

    Do you recall the name of the TV series?

    Thanks very much!!!

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