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Thread: a very important question , please help me and answer me

  1. #1 a very important question , please help me and answer me 
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    i found these news in BBC site from about 3 monthes ago

    Within 30 million years of our planetís formation, it had separated out into a dense core of iron surrounded by a rocky mantle. Most of the precious metals such as gold and platinum along with tungsten dissolved in the iron and became locked away from the surface. Writing in the journal Nature this week, researchers from Bristol and Oxford have used measurements of tungsten in the oldest rocks on Earth to confirm this and show that almost all the gold we can mine today must have come to Earth in meteorites that bombarded our planet after its formation.
    Artist's impression of the Earth during the period of the terminal bombardment
    Photo: Julian Baum/Take 27 Ltd
    Professor Tim Elliott of Bristol University is joined by Professor Larry Cathles of Cornell University, who is attending a Geological Society conference in London on Ore deposits in an evolving Earth and discusses where the gold deposits are today and how long they will last.

    Is that mean that the Iron Comes From the Universe ( the heaven ) through meteorites ?! ?!

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    No, it means the iron and siderophile ("iron loving") elements would have fallen to the core when the whole earth was molten. So any remaining near the surface came later, after the crust had cooled.

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