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Thread: the event horizon

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    Please describe the event horizon.

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    Black hole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It is in this discussion.

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    The Relativistic Rocket

    Below the rocket, something strange is happening

    ...everything in the universe is falling "below" the rocket, but never receding any farther than a distance of -c2/a as measured by you. It all piles up just short of this distance, asymptoting to a plane called a horizon. You see this horizon actually form as the rocket accelerates, because there comes a time when no signal emitted from "below" the horizon can ever reach you. Everything falls toward that plane, and as it does so it begins to redden, due to the increasing red shift of its light, because you are accelerating. Finally it fades out of visibility. In fact, as anything gets closer to the horizon, it ages more and more slowly; time comes to a complete halt there. The horizon is a dark plane that appears to be swallowing everything in the universe!
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