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    Hey everybody, I'm new here . I've been doing music for 10+ years and I usually produce with other artists, which kind of limits the control I got. Anyways I'm very fascinated about space and biology, and now want to start a project where I make "spacy" instrumentals and mix it with people talking about these things. The problem is that there's not much room for background noise. I can filter some of it out, but too much noise will affect the instrumental and overall sound too much. I'm going for a mystical very melodic sound that really makes you feel "space" if that makes sense

    So I was wondering if any of you got some suggestions to documentaries or other places I can get audio from that would work for such a project?

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Not related to space, but judging from what you wrote, maybe it might interest you?
    Molecular Music

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