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    Basically just the CD-ROM from my astronomy book. The CD-ROM provides images and summary's of chapters. It is a great starting point for those interested in astronomy and a useful reference.

    Discovering the Universe 6th ed.(CD-ROM)

    Chapter 1: Discovering the Night Sky
    Chapter 2: Gravitation and the Waltz of the Planets
    Chapter 3: Light and Telescopes
    Chapter 4: The Origin and Nature of Light
    Chapter 5: Earth and Moon
    Chapter 6: The Other Terrestrial Planets
    Chapter 7: The Outer Terrestrial Planets
    Chapter 8: Vagabonds of the Solar System
    Chapter 9: Our Star, The Sun
    Chapter 10: The Nature of Stars
    Chapter 11: The Life Cycles of Stars
    Chapter 12: The Death of Stars
    Chapter 13: Black Holes
    Chapter 14: The Milky Way Galaxy
    Chapter 15: Galaxies
    Chapter 16: Quasars and Active Galaxies
    Chapter 17: Cosmology
    Chapter 18: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

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