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Thread: Living near the Termination Shock

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    The question has been posed about what will become of Earth, and its inhabitants, when the sun eventually dies. If we are not already extinct, we would need to find somewhere else to live.

    Recently when reading about the Termination Shock, and the heat it produces, it made me wonder whether said heat would be sufficient for sustaining life. Could there be a second 'Goldilocks Zone', deeper in the Heliosphere? Would the solar winds allow for the same fundamental life sustaining processes that the sun did? For example, photosynthesis?

    Although I am aware the death of the sun would mean the eventual end of solar winds, and thus the end of Termination Shock (I assume?), what I am asking is whether it is feasible for us to live in this far-flung corner of our solar system, sustained by the energy and heat provide by the Termination Shock.

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