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Thread: Need info on a meteorite

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    I made a small webpage with what we know. My dad bought it on ebay and we've been researching for a while.
    Please check out the page and give us some info if you can. Thanks!

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    My heart sank as I read the story on your site. I'm not saying you've been done but here's my take on it, remembering that I may be wrong as I'm no expert:

    You don't mention the price. A genuine meteorite, typically sold by weight, starts from around $400 a kg, so over $3,000 for a 20lb specimen. Museums tend to quickly grab such specimens as they look good for (relatively) not much money.

    Meteorite Collecting | How Much are Meteorites Worth?

    Postage of 20lbs you might get away with $48, so $15 is too low.

    It's difficult to tell anything from photos but often meteorites all trend to be of the same material while your photos look like a composite of materials. In one job I worked at many years ago there was a foundry and slag, pig iron and such it produced as by products looked something like that. Any iron in it can quickly be made magnetic. Such rocks are also found near volcanoes that were active not too long ago. It is possible to "salt" a rock to make it slightly radioactive.

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