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Thread: Incredible rate of discovery of Near Earth Asteroids

  1. #1 Incredible rate of discovery of Near Earth Asteroids 
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    Results now in for 12 months ending May 1st. For each catergory, Listed is 12 month total and [total known]

    Near Earth Objects, 1018 [8324]

    These included 2 Near Earth Comets [87]
    1016 Near Earth Asteroids [7937]

    Of the NEA's
    => 1 km, 14 [827]
    PHA's 104 [1222]
    Of the PHA's
    => 1 km, only 1 this year [148]

    Of the NEA's
    Apollos 568 [4324]
    Amors 351 [2946]
    Atens 96 [656]
    Atiras 1 [11]

    Group Description Definition

    NECs Near-Earth Comets q<1.3 AU, P<200 years

    NEAs Near-Earth Asteroids q<1.3 AU

    Atiras NEAs whose orbits are contained entirely with the orbit of the Earth (named after asteroid 163693 Atira). a<1.0 AU, Q<0.983 AU

    Atens Earth-crossing NEAs with semi-major axes smaller than Earth's (named after asteroid 2062 Aten). a<1.0 AU, Q>0.983 AU

    Apollos Earth-crossing NEAs with semi-major axes larger than Earth's (named after asteroid 1862 Apollo). a>1.0 AU, q<1.017 AU

    Amors Earth-approaching NEAs with orbits exterior to Earth's but interior to Mars' (named after asteroid 1221 Amor). a>1.0 AU, 1.017<q<1.3 AU

    PHAs Potentially Hazardous Asteriods: NEAs whose Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance (MOID) with the Earth is 0.05 AU or less and whose absolute magnitude (H) is 22.0 or brighter. MOID<=0.05 AU, H<=22.0

    All data from JPL Sentry System Discovery Page:

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