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Thread: What would you see looking out from an event horizon?

  1. #1 What would you see looking out from an event horizon? 
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    Since time starts to slow around a black hole, looking outwards, would you start to see the universe speed up? I find it interesting being swallowed by a black hole might be the best seats in the house to see the universe unfold. Ok, prob a lot of light since its prob taking apart a star... Then again, heat death of the universe prob isnt all that interesting to watch. The 1st couple billion years you might get some michael bay explosions. So theres that. Although Id imagine after the 1st few youll prob pick up a book instead.

    I think I once read to an outside observer youd be stretched, but from your perspective, you wouldnt. And be.. fine. The 2nd part was probably a lie I can safely assume. Spagettification would def give me indigestion. So for a while at least at the right point, just before your obliterated, I assume theres a distance at which your still alive and experience the time dragging effects, but things arent going to end well obviously. But youll get in a few pics for your facebook.

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