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Thread: The new Typology and Paradigm of Cosmology

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    The new Typology and Paradigm of Cosmology is presented in an article titled "Beyond the Abstractionist Paradigm of Physics". This is posted at

    A consequence of this new approach is the first law which states that "“matter is constructed into higher forms through the absorption of emission within the context of the increasing density of impacting emission, and its stability is relative to the density of the impacting emission”.

    This law is based on the Hafele-Keating experiment, and the absorption of emission theory of attraction and nuclear construction.

    The new Typology/Paradigm is in addition to the present approaches of science and has descriptive and predictive capacity beyond the present approaches of science.

    If you wish to discuss the new Typlogy/Paradigm then this forum would be an excellent place to do so.

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