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    bei jing
    u all are wrong.the light speed is can be any ur brain is so active!!!don't ask me why,i don't know though

    hi.i'm chinese and 16.let's happy togther,the happiness is full of the world it's english is poor ,i feel so fear,it makes drink some beer the stroy is over
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I do hope your future posts will be be more substantial than your first. Comedy is appreciated, but generally benefits from a firmer foundation.

    Also, on a technical point, your post is in error. You state "u all are wrong. the light speed is infinite."
    Presumably and implicitly this is directed to all members of the forum. There is at least one member who would agree with you, so your statement is rendered false.

    Don't you just hate it when that happens.

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    if its infinite how come that the robots on mars wont turn until several minutes later when they pushed the joystick to make it turn?
    i tell u cause its a finite speed and it takes its sweet time getting there, and then to get back
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