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    My Hypothesis of Matter into Space

    This hypothesis is based on a single thought and question, and that is, " What if all matter becomes space?".
    A star in space is dying, it explodes into a supernova. Most of the matter shoots off into space, but the core and some of the surrounding matter and light caves in on its self. The gravity force is too strong, it creates a black hole. The black hole is space pulling and twisting on its self. This force is so powerful, it's the only force capable of breaking matter to its final form "Dark matter", space itself. (solid, liquid, gas, plasma, dark matter) Space is all matter's final resting place, it's cold dark death.
    Now, there are two things you need to know when matter becomes space. one is that it's diluting the universe. Say for every 1 Atom = 1,000,000 space(NOT Precise math, but I think you get the idea). The matter is broken down to so much more it adds so much more space, more space then the original matter took up. There is a phenomenon that is happening now, that I think proves it, but I'll get to that later because that leads to a bigger question.
    The other thing you need to know about what happens when matter becomes space is that space (dark matter) is very light, super light, lighter than anything we can possibly imagine, and this explains another phenomenon. That is "Why is gravity so weak?". It's so weak because space is so light. Gravity is not a force of its own. It's an effect that only happens when matter moves through space. If all matter would stand still there would be no gravity. An object moving through space pulls on it, creating gravity, that's why the greater the mass and the faster it is the more gravity there is, the more pulling on space. So, the diluting of the universe (matter becoming so much space) shows why it's so light and why gravity is so very weak. All of this goes back to the first phenomenon or another question and that is, "Why does space appear to be expanding faster than the speed of light travels?".

    How can space expand faster than the speed of light? The speed of light is the fastest thing in the universe, we can't break this law. Well, it's not that it's moving any faster than the speed of light, it's that there is so much matter being broke down into space.
    Let's say a star is at point A. and Earth is point B. and let's say they are 5 million light years away from each other. The light the star produces travels from A. to B. and we see that star as it was 5 mil. light yrs ago. Now, with all the black holes breaking matter down to be space, at this distance it wouldn't have much of an effect. We would still see the light because the star is close enough and light travels faster than the diluting effect happens. Now, we go back to the star point A. and earth point B. but this time we put them 10,000 billion light yrs away,(I'm sure I'm off with these numbers, again it's just so you get the picture). If the light from the star travels from A. to B. and let's say there is no diluting effect(matter turning into space) we would see the star as it was 10,000 billion light yrs ago, but because it is so far and because of all the matter in between the two points that is being broken down into space and adding more of it. the light doesn't move fast enough to catch up with point B., earth. so we don't see this light.
    The black holes are diluting all the matter in the universe and adding more and more space between all the matter, that's why the galaxies are moving farther away from each other and why we see the red shifts, and why it appears to be happening faster than the speed of light. It's also why the universe is going to get colder and die. This also brings me to a bigger question and a possible answer to it and this is, "why are we here?".
    What is the one thing that we keep doing? What is the one thing that can have an effect on so much? What is the one thing that we control that could make us or brake us? That one thing is our desire to create, and what I am talking about is our desire to create and advance in technology. Our advancement in technology is our mark on the universe. It's as if the universe created us to save it. We could save the universe but first we need to stop destroying our selves. We have the capability to maintain the balance of life.

    Now, I would like to know if any or all of this could be a possible new way to look at how the universe works, mostly interested in the gravity part of it(Why is gravity so weak?), because if I think back hard enough I think it was the outcome of this question that linked to the others.

    I have a hard time understanding what gravity is and how it works, with the way it is explained visually. Every time gravity is explained its shown with a round object representing a planet or sun usually, over a flat 2d grid, and the grid would have a curve in it under the round object, the curve is space bending around the object and it's also gravity. The effect of how gravity works is also shown by having a smaller object approaching the curve of the bigger object and then falling into to the curve. Hence, the gravitational pull.(I'm sure all of you have seen this example) I think this example is too dumb down. It's created to show the average person (like my self) how gravity works, but instead just makes it more confusing. Here's why, I know the space in between the curved grid and the round object, is more space. So, that area should be filled in by space, there should be no curve for the smaller object to fall into it. Space is all around an object, an object in space is surrounded by space. So what I'm asking for is an complete 3d image of how an object in space effects space and creates gravity.

    Now that I'm done explaining why I am so confused with the way gravity works. Let me try to paint a picture of how I think it works. This will better explain my hypothesis. Space is like a super massive ocean. It surrounds all the objects with in it, but unlike water It fits in between everything, even in the densest parts of an atom because it has no density of its own or close to none, it's super light by far compared to any other form of matter. so, we can think of the universe as an ocean, space as water and all other matter, atoms, cells, you and me, planets, and stars as sponges spinning and moving through this vast ocean. (now, i think in an actual lab experiment a sponge would still be to dense for the water. It would push it away instead of pulling on it, but since a sponge works for me visually I'll stick with it for now.) It's good to know that If the earth were to be a single solid object with no little parts and no space in between it, it's spinning would have a different effect on space. It would probably push space away from it instead of pulling and twisting on it or it might not even be spinning in the first place. So, it starts at the quantum levels first, and the gravity effect is do more to the speed of the tiny particles rather than the mass at this level. The speed of the parts of an atom create just enough gravity to pull together to create the atom, and then the atoms into cell,then us, also plants, earth, and stars. Things like planets and stars have the same effect but separated creating of course a larger pull. I hope by now you can start to paint a picture of what I'm trying to put out there. Gravity is not created by an object bending space, it's created by all the sponge like matter spinning and moving through it, which is pulling and twisting space towards the object, particularly the center of it. You might ask "if space is being pulled to the center of our planet, why doesn't it overwhelm it and push it apart". well, two reasons why. First, there isn't enough space being pulled all at once, and second, an object like the earth is always moving through space so it pulls and twist one area and then moves on, releasing the area it just went through, BUT in some cases there is enough pulling and twisting on space from one object like a massive star that it is eventually overwhelmed and explodes into a supernova, and some times also creating a black hole.

    I also have a hard time understanding how black holes are created by space being bent. It's said that a black hole is created from a super massive star that is so dense it creates a gravitational force that is powerful enough to cause the star to collapse and explode and then create the black hole. My point is such a gravitational force means such a bending on space around this super massive and dense star, but how does this bending create the black hole? It bends space to such a point and then what? It doesn't make sense to me. With my idea of how gravity works it at lease makes a little bit more sense. The mass of the star is pulling and twisting on so much space at once, the space begins to twist and pull on its self. It's like taking two shoe laces and twisting them together until they start to form a knot and then they just break apart and explode, but in this case the space overwhelms the star and only the star explodes, and the space continues to twist and pull on its self and also continuing to move through the universe forever. it also breaks some of that star's matter down into its final form dark matter, space its self, and that leads to the expansion of the universe.

    Another question you might ask is," If space is being added to the universe and expanding it and moving the galaxies farther away from each other, then are the stars and matter in our own galaxy expanding as well". Well, maybe they are, but i don't think so, but what i do think is maybe all the gravity that is being created which is all the twisting and pulling by all the matter is also creating pressure and this pressure is pushing any extra space that is being added, away from the galaxy and into deep space.

    You might also say that the bending of space has already been proven, because we know that light bends around an object in space. Well, i say why does the space around the object have to be bent for the light to bend around it. Why can't the light just simply go around the object. Think about this, if you pour water over a round object, it flows around it and meets up on the other end dripping from the bottom, or if hundreds of people were to run strait into a wall, the first few might crash and fall but the rest will start to run around it, meeting up in the center of the other side and then continuing to run on their strait path. Water is less dense than a star so light is able to move through it, but it slows down. the star is too dense so the light simply goes around it.

    Now, how does this idea work with the big bang theory. Well I guess something like this, In the beginning there was no space at all, all the universe was just a super dense ball of matter. Then something happened, the first spec of space came to be, or you can say the first spec of matter broke down to the first spec of space, and well, this created a chain reaction. All the other matter in this super dense ball started fighting over this tiny bit of space and all this movement caused chaos, until finally BANG it exploded and a sum of this matter turned into space not sure if it was a large amount or small, but it was enough room or space to allow(well, to keep it simple) creation to begin, and you know the rest.

    WOW, I'm tired. I'm done, I think I covered everything. Again, this thing is just my imagination running wild, but also with some facts and a whole lot of thinking about it. So, please keep an open mind and i appreciate any incite, thank you very much. Oh and kudos to you writers out there my god it is so hard to take your thoughts and turn them in as a text format.

    Final at 2:26am Monday, March 14th

    These statements are just ideas that have accumulated in my brain after so many years of thinking about the knowledge i have taken in through out my life. Most of the scientific influence I've had came from the science programs on television. I haven't done a hole lot of research and it's probably premature to put this out now, but I'm excited to hear what people have to say about it.


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