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Thread: Space time matter gravity and a concept of the universe

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    This is only food for thought and all statements actually represent questions rather than facts.

    “Dark matter consists of about 80% of the known matter in the universe. Is matter thus the opposite of space, cancelling out space. Space co-exists with matter and time, so if dark matter is the opposite of space – then it is either the opposite of space, time and matter – or there must be anti-matter and anti time. If dark matter exists, anti matter exists and anti time must therefore also exist. Anti matter is already said to exist. Has the concept of anti time and anti-space ever been put forward?? Or is matter anti-space?

    The annihilation of dark matter causes cosmic explosions, and is strange in that it happens at the centre of the galaxy – our galaxy. (Is it happening at the centre of all galaxies?)

    If energy is being released in the form of light at the centre of our galaxy, is it not happening throughout the universe? – and could this not explain the ”Expanding universe” since shortly after the big bang – before matter existed, light was the only energy existing, before matter was formed. The big bang

    Space model By Pongboy2

    Imagine nothing. There is no space, no matter, no energy and no time. There is no physical substance or comprehension. There is nothing that we can equate to. Nothing we can equate to except an infinite nothingness, every point within this nothingness being the centre of it and being only one point, and then an explosion. We now have an expanding universe. Expanding into where nothing exists, every point within it still being its centre, inverting the every point, being the centre of nothingness, that was one point, to every point within the new expanding universe being the centre of the universe, thus causing it to expand, since infinity also came into existence at the same time, every point on an infinite line being the centre of that line because the centre of anything is when there is an equal distance in both directions and thus when there is infinity in two (or all directions) directions, there is equality in both (or all) directions and so infinity only exists while the universe is expanding, The expanding universe therefore causes time to exist and also causes infinity. The two must therefore be linked. The expanding universe must be like a bubble in an endless void of nothingness, getting bigger and bigger and displacing the void that represents nothingness.

    So something, that we now call space time, exists in an eternal, infinite timeless void of nothing, and it is growing and expanding. Our universe. The reason it is growing is because time came into existence and time continues as long as space and matter exist, and as time continues, the space must grow and matter is formed. Dark matter?

    Time, was imminent and existed within this void of nothingness in a kinetic form but the pressure was so infinitely great, compressing the time, matter and space, that time was suppressed and the energy was intense within this infinite void, every point, being only one point that was the centre of this void. And this energy ignited by the infinite pressure and time came into existence together with the birth of space and matter.

    And as the space increased, within the void of nothingness, so did the pressure around it and equilibrium was sought and gravity was formed to compensate the difference, creating equilibrium, and so was dark matter, the substance of gravity that relentlessly brings the expansion of time, space and matter back into the void of nothingness, falling in on itself in a self destructive gravitational annihilation at the centre of every galaxy, creating gamma rays and recycling the universe, forcing time, space and matter back, in a relentlessly, recycling like manner, like the waves of the ocean on the beach, crashing onto the shore, then running back to the vast body whose energy created it, into the void of nothingness.

    And so the action continues, with not only one, but many millions of universes, each one being the centre of this infinite void of nothingness, for the centre of anything is where there is equality in all directions, thus the centre of infinity is every point in the infinite body, each with its own echelon of time, different to our own, and its own galaxies with black holes through which the expanding universe whirls its expansion back into the vast black void of nothingness.

    P = Any point in the universe
    I = infinitely in any direction away from P
    A = Infinity in the opposite direction from the line I, P
    C = Centre of line I, A
    C = every point along I, A
    C = I x A

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by pongboy2
    This is only food for thought and all statements actually represent questions rather than facts.

    “Dark matter consists of about 80% of the known matter in the universe.
    In answer to your question, here you are referring to dark energy, rather than dark matter, I think. Dark energy = 75%, dark matter = 20% and normal matter = 5%, or something around those figures.

    Quote Originally Posted by pongboy2
    Is matter thus the opposite of space, cancelling out space.
    No, I don't think so. The rest of your post seems to follow on from your confusion of dark matter with dark energy.

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