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Thread: Native american religon relating to creation of the universe

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    I recently attended a seminar on native american spirituality, and one thing that particularly peaked my interest was his speaking on the six directions. North, east, south, west, The earth "down",and The sun "up". These directions basically represent the three dimensions. But also he talked about a seventh direction, The direction of the great creator. This direction is the center of everythin but also everything because the direction of the creator spread out from the origional point but it's all the center. This shockingly reminded me of the big bang theory and how it has no center because it's center has spread everywhere.

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    Well, that's the problem or the nature of all such analogies. You will always find relations, if you want to.

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    Since all things were supposed to come from a creator in any religion, it could be said to spread out from him as he continually creates.

    The big bang has no centre because it is a 4D hypersphere and we cannot see in the fourth physical dimension. Any 3D event will always have a point of origin which we can trace things back to.
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