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Thread: Big bang?

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    Iíve heard theories on the big bang and inflation and came up with one myself. Iím not a PHD or even in the field of physics so if this sounds farfetched tell me what doesnít in science. I was wondering if instead of thinking the universe expanded from a center point outward. How about a universe imploding in on itself and being turned inside out. The constant expansion is being fueled by what I will call the Outerverse being sucked through a central point in space and unfold into our universe. No mystery dark matter or energy just a lot of gravity and space filling space. What do you think of the theory has anyone already come up with it yet?

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    Sounds like a kind of baby universe idea with our universe being an outburst from a grander more complex universe. Several theories like this have been put forward and debated.

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    Some believe everything came from a multiverse, which would conserve matter and energy overall, but just move it about.

    A collapsing universe elsewhere could cause an expanding universe here. Theories aren't usually right first time out so they need to be worked on, and maybe altered some as new information comes in. If you post an idea on a forum, it gives other people a chance to point out any obvious weakness in it.
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