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    Anybody here what the Science Channel here seen a show called. Inside of a Wormhole. I think most of you here would love that if you had not seen it yet......
    I once read a book called The Universe Within..It a book about The mind vs The Universe. It a great book give you thing to think about.......
    I will see if the library has a copy of the book so I can share some of it here.
    The Science Channel were talking about Time Travel last night I think it come on again Wednesday try to watch it if you can give you something to think about..........

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    Terry Arceneaux
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    I don't get the Science channel. I mostly watch DVD's and what I download anyway anyway as TV is so poor.

    By it's very nature, a worm hole would need incredible energy to form. You may get one between two close orbiting black holes but I think not otherwise.

    For time travel to work, it would require that all of the past and present exist now. To be more precise, if you could pick a certain nanosecond in history, that would require a whole universe for each nanosecond the universe has existed or will exist. When you time travel you would be jumping from our universe into the universe you want. Each universe would age at the natural rate so at the end, universes will be ending while at the beginning, universes will be starting, so a continuous process.

    There is also cause and effect in that something minor in a trip to the past could change every time after that, like in the Butterfly Effect film. Strictly speaking any incident that was going to happen should have happened so if you were meant to go back to the 10th century, you will do so and anything you affect there will have already caused ripples down the timeline that have already been taken into account so the present is as we see it now

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