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Thread: What if Earth were like Uranus?

  1. #1 What if Earth were like Uranus? 
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    What if earth had an axil tilt like Uranus instead of the one it has. How would our lives, environments, weather ect be different than they are today?

    Apart from the obvious about the sun rising in the South and Setting in the North.

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    Well with 6 months of day, 6 of night at the poles and the equator having temps similar to our current poles, you would have to wonder if any large animals could evolve. If they did would they hibernate during the winter, endlessly migrate or develop some type of protection against the cold and hunt. Trees would be too big during the stormy weather so most/all plants would be grasses and moss if any. So no opposable thumbs I'm afraid chaps.

    The weather would probably be extreme, at least twice a year on any point on the planet, possibly all of the time. The planet could even freeze over with life only managing to survive near ocean vents. Something similar to the ideas about life on Europa.

    How big an affect would the movement of the continents have?

    It would be strange though to see the sun slowly spiral into midday( ) then back out over the 6 months if you were at the pole.

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