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Thread: Dark energy may not exist in space, scientists claim

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    But physicists at Durham University now claim the calculations on which the Standard Model is based could be fatally flawed.

    A new analysis of measurements taken by NASA of Big Bang heat radiation in 2001 showed that the heat waves may be far smaller than previously thought.

    But scientists now claim that the waves of radiation which were previously measured at about twice the size of the full moon may in fact be less than half that size.


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    Very interesting. Unfortunately, the article does not say anything about what the reason for that error is. It basically says, "Ah, well, we fucked up!"

    I will try to find more about this. I was always uncomfortable with the Dark Matter and Dark Energy postulates.

    Okay, here is another popularised article :

    And here is a preprint of the scientific publication:

    If I understand the results correctly, they say that the initial calculation of the resolving power of the WMAP satellite was too simplistic. As a result, the spatial resolution of the map of the CMB can be worse than previously thought, and this might even depend on the brightness of the observed source. Therefore, the individual cells of the CMB anisotropy appeared larger than they would have with the theoretical resolution.

    To me this all seems odd, because I find it unbelievable that none else would have checked this before. If this is really true, it is also pretty shocking.

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