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Thread: Moon resembles Pangaea

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    Has anyone ever noticed how the dark sections facing us on the moon resembles Pangaea after it started to separate? I realize the United States alone would cover one side of the moon but gravity at a distance might have the ability to make a mirror image effect on the moon as it was cooling.

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    Except the Moon had long been cooled by the time Pangea was a reality.

    Pangea formed then separated at around 250 Ma (million years ago).

    The last volcanic activity on the Moon was estimated to be at about 1.2 Ga (billion years ago).

    What you're describing is a bit of pareidolic apophenia. You're seeing a correlation of imagery that simply isn't there. It might vaguely look similar, but any similarity is just coincidental. Much the same way the "man in the moon" is a pareidolia in which a face is perceived to exist on the "face" of the moon.

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