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Thread: Could aliens survive on Earth?

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    Could aliens survive on planet Earth? Not I am not saying Aliens exist or not, but how come every picture I have seen of a alien is died or is very sick. Again I am not saying these pictures are real or not, but there are convincing. Here is a link I found of pictures of aliens. Notice that every picture the aliens are very sick or died. After seeing these pictures could aliens survive on our planet? What are your thoughts on this topic? Also please post links of pictures of aliens if they are convincing.

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    We don't have any information about aliens, including whether they even really exist.

    Any photo, or movie of such, assuming it was fake would be difficult to make very animated and lively. Making a sick looking puppet of an alien which can only turn it's head or raise a "hand" is a lot easier than one climbing the side of a building for example. Making a model of a dead one is even easier.

    And consider that without technology humans can only survive on something like 25% of planet earth--70% is covered by water and another 5% or so is either too cold, too hot, or too high to survive for long.

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    Aliens might arrive here by spaceship, or they might be bacteria-like entities arriving on space dust. The latter kind might conceivably survive, possibly even wipe us out and colonize the planet, while being nothing more than a disease for which we have no resistance. The former kind would not bother to come here unless they had previously studied the planet and determined that it was suitable for their existence. So if aliens exist and if they developed the technology and if they bothered to come here, then yes they could survive. They would not waste huge amounts of their resources to come here unless they knew it was worth it.

    Of course they could simply mine the planet with robot devices without ever having to land. But that wasn't what you asked.
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    I checked out that link to the alien pictures. Taking just one for example, the second from the bottom, it is obviously a fake. No critical patient would ever be treated in the dark with a creepy light illuminating only the face. The device in the "alien's" mouth is not a medical instrument. You can see a little butterfly valve that probably came out of the plumbing department of a hardware store. The pictured external structures of this alien are morphologically similar to a human, so it's fairly safe to assume that the respiratory tract is similar. Why then no endotracheal tube, bag valve mask or FROPVD? And the EKG contacts are improperly placed on the chest. The photos showing autopsies on the following pages are likewise full of medical no-no's. One of the bodies looked to be that of a model I have seen myself on display in the Roswell museum in New Mexico. Don't be fooled, these are fraudulent.
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    I think they may can survive here on earth

    Here is a picture which maby an alien, But if this is an alien it can be 50-50, But i have seen ancient paintings on aliens, They wearing a space suit.

    If they have visit us in our past, Then maby they weared suits to survive. Like we must do when we came to the moon. And Mars in the future.
    But the question is, Can they breath oxygen? Then they can survive on earth, And if they can withstand our gravity, But that depends on how the looks like.


    PS. The pictures can be faked, I found them on google, All the pictures on the internet is not real. But these pictures is only examples.
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    If something evolved on an Earth like planet so came here as a good place to survive, it would probably look very much like us. We are made to see and hear in 3d-stereo, to be able to sniff, to be able to move about and run as well as climb, to be a certain height which gives us various advantages over smaller beings while not losing them by being too big (and so too heavy), etc.

    We have evolved all we need to to survive. We are not going to evolve huge heads, telekinesis, flight, etc. They could be bio-engineered.

    However an advanced race would know there were many Earth like planets about and since most would at best have merely vegetation, pick one of them instead of one already inhabited and heavily polluted.

    If you want to read about some weird aliens, try one of Hal Clements books.
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