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    my teacher keeps asking odd questions. how could a superhero with gravity powers use those powers to travel through time? time-space wormholes? how woul it actually be achieved?

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    Which hero does he mean? Superman in the 60's? His physical powers then were gravity based which was nonsense since he would have had to have been born on a neutron star to be as strong as he was. He had adventures in other times.

    Time travel is SF. For it to work, a universe would have to exist for every moment which you can travel to. If you could pick a single nanosecond, that would be Z billion x 365 x 24 x 3600 x 1,000,000,000 universes would exist with a billion more every second, and it would be like we were a moving picture from a cine projector, with NOW being where we were on the film at the present moment.

    I used Z billion instead of 13.7 billion because at any point in future time to the end of everything, there is a past and a being from that time could travel back so if the end is 700 billion years after the BB, then z = 700 billion.

    Worm holes use incredible amounts of energy, as in if one existed inside a black hole, it would probably be just yards long. The Star Trek wormholes are just not possible. If however there was a "subspace" where another universe occupied the same area as ours but was only one millionth of the size of our universe, then if you could travel into it, a rocket travelling at 25,000 mph there would cover 25 billion miles every hour here, once it emerged back into our space.

    A good teacher if he makes his students think rather than just gives them text book quotes.

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