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Thread: Space Transpotrtation System using Molecular Nanotechnology

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    Use OF Molecular Nanotechnology in Space Transportation System:

    Molecular nanotechnology [MNT] offers the prospect for significant increases in various technical performance parameters, such as material strength and density of material of spacecraft. This performance would enhance the capabilities of Space Transportation.

    The primary means of taking advantage of MNT without changing the old architectures is to use diamondoid materials with much higher strength-to-density ratios. This will reduce the mass of the spacecraft’s fuselages, wings and tails, undercarriages, and propulsion systems, roughly in proportion to the relative strength-to-density of diamondoid to the materials used. (Many parts of the propulsion system, however, would require appropriately coated surfaces, and external surfaces will require thermal protection for re-entry.)

    Once a payload is in space, it is then eligible for interplanetary transport. The primary advantage of this is that the spacecraft does not have to provide direct lift against the planet's gravity, so propulsion systems with thrusts much less than the vehicle's weights are quite acceptable.

    Simple MNT allows diamond and buckytube construction. The main benefits are in chemical rocket performance, solar panel specific power, solar electric ion engine performance, and skyhook and tower structural masses.

    Complex MNT allows very small machinery, permitting large increases in solar panel specific power, which enables solar electric ion engines that are high performance rockets, and thus reduces total logistics costs an order of magnitude.

    Most Advance MNT allows molecular manufacturing, which enables self-repair, provides at least marginal improvements in nearly every area, and greatly lowers manufacturing costs, providing an additional order of magnitude reduction in launch costs. The development of MNT would enable greatly expanded space operations.

    Thus, the substantial increases in low level technical capabilities MNT will provide implies significant increases in space system capabilities.

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    How are you going to get diamonds on the soles of your shoes? The magic factory?

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    I believe that this a really good Idea, I consider space travel a very worthy field of study. I hadn't even thought about using Nano technology and diamond plating. although supplying ample amounts either one would prove a difficult task.
    Also even with the significantly lighter vessel and self repair capabilities, it wouldn't decrease travel times by a significant ammount, it would help with the earth to orbit travel but once it's in space the mass is more negligible. it would still take months to make any good distance.
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