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Thread: moon surface composition - pancake mix?

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    Might the moon surface composition be simulated by pancake mix (or just flour)? Such mix, when you pour it out, does not have any dust; rather it has a clumpiness. Thus one has interacting surfaces. This would seem similar to what the astronauts found on the moon; that is, no dust. Hence no spectroscopic play looking for water vapor signature. Incidentally, what might be an indirect test for behavior of water ice mixture on the moon? Perhaps one could adhesively attach a dirty ice cube to the space station (sometimes in shadows and light) to see what happens; same temperature as water ice on moon.

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    Or maybe we could instantiate a high fructose atmosphere so it would rain syrup ... mmmm ... THAT's why heaven's in the sky! Who's bringin' milk?!

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    Dust on Earth we get through weathering, which does not happen on the Moon. Dust there could be from impact craters maybe four billion years ago. However the Solar Wind over such a time, though of very low density, could remove dust particles.

    As to water on the Moon, more found:

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