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Thread: If Venus was placed in Mars' orbit?

  1. #1 If Venus was placed in Mars' orbit? 
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    Hypothetical scenario I though of while reading the post about habitable zone

    If Venus was placed in the same orbit as Mars, presumably being farther away its temperature would decline constantly until it reached a lower temperature equilibrium, what is you no-facts-based improvised speculation as to what the temperature would stabilize at?

    Unless I'm mistaken there is a lot more atmosphere and a lot of green house gas, so its reasonable to imagine the temperature would be higher than it is presently on Mars, but could the temperature be higher than it is on earth even if it were in a more distant orbit?

    Is the core of Venus molten like earth's? If the core of Venus is still molten instead of solidified does that contribute to raising its temperature (comapred to mars or another planet that's not solidified yet)?

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    Off the top of my head, I would guess that it would still be a whole lot hotter than the earth.

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