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    Hi all

    I was reading this book, Epic of Evolution, by Eric Chaisson. The book talked about speeding up of the expansion of the universe. How about this as an explanation? Einstein developed the idea of the distortion of space-time instead of gravity. Perhaps there is also some kind of anti distortion. That is, the natural state of space-time is flat, and the 'fabric' of the universe acts to keep it flat. However, where there is distortion, the natural flat tendency of space-time acts to un-distort itself or straighten itself out. This force is not as strong as the distortion of space-time so where matter is close together, such as the early universe, it did not have much if any effect. However, as the universe gets larger and larger, meaning that matter gets more and more thinly spread, and there is more space between matter, then the force of the anti-distortion becomes more and more evident. There is the same total amount of matter/energy in the universe, but anywhere local there is less of it so the straightening out or anti-distortion tendency is stronger. The straightening can be seen as pushing matter away, and so speeding up the expansion.


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