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Thread: Surrounding atmosphere of the planet earth

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    I'm beginning to see the surrounding atmosphere as a type of atmospheric soup,
    with a liquidic nature. i understand that the base of all things is a gas that turns into some matter, but the behaviour of our atmosphere takes on the charecteristic of a liquid. Meteors entering our atmosphere slow down regardless of their launch speed much like a bullet entering water, they both leave a trail upon reaching the medium, however a bullet will decrease its speed in direct porportion to the amount of charge it was propeled by even in the medium of water, were as a meteor having a greater propeler will stop it's travel sometimes upon impact with another solid. and when that happens isnt it the same effect as a splash.

    Smoke billows in the air from a fire, much like a spill of another liquid into water will dissapate. in addition to that isnt the pressure one fells submerged in water the same as the pressure of space. so perhaps this matter thing is correct in properties but wrong in application. yes the planet has a atmosphere of oxengen surrounding it, and this oxygen is a gas, and our definition of gas is air, but is the air merely a form of liquid on a universal scale as opposed to the earth bound properties we apply to it.

    Maybe we should start veiwing the surrounding atmosphere of the planet earth in accordence with its universal traits, see it as a soup from the upper stratosphere to it molten core, at the very least we may be able to travel from place to place with a greater ease.

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    I've never studied it formally, but that is how pneumatic engineers view gasses already. Gasses and fluids are treated the same in many ways except one compresses and the other doesn't.

    Here's something you may like:

    Spectral Calc site. You can generate graphs like these:

    This one, I combined a few, but from a linked site:

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