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Thread: What is time?

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    what is you opinion of time? do you believe it is a creation of the human mind to gauge motion like i do?

    does it really matter what direction time is going? i picture time as a strobe light taking an infinite amount of pictures? either way i believe time is just a bunch of instants not flowing freely.

    i would like to hear your opinions on the subject of "time" and what you believe it is? the concept of time is fascinating and id like to hear some input from people at a much higher level of physics (1 year of HS physics under my belt ha).

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    Im not in physics but I think motion, vibration, spin, interaction, change occur, and when they do we experience it as time.

    What I wonder is why stuff ceases to age(time slows down) while at near light speed, does "time" slow down or is it just that this extreme motion or inense gravity interferes with molecular/particle/matter/energy movements that cause aging-conciousness-atomic-molecular processes to slow down?

    If electrons (or other subatomic particles) move around a nucleus, does the motion slow down in a uniform manner or will it slow down when the direction happens to be in a direction close to the direction the fast moving object is heading to and wil it move at normal speed when the subparticle heads back the other way?

    And in theory, does a particle that spins, slow down its spin when accelerated to near light speed, even if that spin is at a perfectly perpendicular angle to the motion?

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    There is an intensive discussion on time in the physics section:
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    Time is change, usually on a molecular level.

    If you then take it that every particle has a set amount of energy which enables them to behave as they do, then if you accelerate it, it will lose energy thanks to the light barrier. Probably poorly explained but if something moves at c/2, then it will lose half of it's energy in the way that a torch moving at c/2, and the beam shining in the direction of travel, though the beam moves at the speed of light, it effectively has been slowed down to c/2, so would seem to only have half it's energy.

    This means on a molecular level, it will have a lot less energy so time, as in change, will slow down.
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