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    Hi everyone, I recently subscribed to the science forum after finding it on a Google search. Therefor, I am new to it. I noticed that there was a section on Astronomy. I did a few minutes of research on the web to find that there will be a meteor shower in August of this year (2009). This would be next month. I do not recall the date. The website that I was looking at (I can't recall its adress) said it was a perseids. More research brought me to find that there was a few more dates for predicted meteor showers in 2009. I assume that there was a meteor shower in 1999.

    I was wondering what month this meteor shower of 2009 will truly occur in. Will one even occur in 2009? Does science know this? Will it happen at the same time in all of the 50 states?

    I saw nothing on the first page for meteor showers and thought it would be appropriate if I brought up some discussion.

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    I think this page should give you a few useful hints:

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