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    Ok, i am noob here. I am also very young and naive. I am only 15. I love the universe and certain aspects of the human brain. What i came here was to try to advance my knowledge of the universe/sciences and meet some cool people.

    Here is a theory i just thought of one day:

    The basic idea of this theory is that there have been multiple big bangs. The way that the big bangs occurred is simple; a big bang happens, atoms expand and merge with other atoms creating materials and rocks and gasses, the universe expands till it cannot expand any further, but in contrast to the big rip theory, it contracts back into a tiny almost non existent point. Then the process happens again.

    There are a couple of parts that i have not worked out, like how it started, but then again no theory i know of has figured out how it was ultimately created.

    ok that's about it, please disregard spelling errors, i am a horrible speller, so i tend to tone down my vocab so i don't have to spell ridiculously complicated words.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    This possibility is only one of many solutions of the Fridman equations describing the fate of the universe. Although such a pulsating universe may be theoretically possible, it can be almost definitely ruled out based on the observational facts.

    Indeed, the generation of the universe is an unsolved problem. This is mainly so, because the currently known physical laws are not valid in those conditions, where quantum mechanics and gravitation have both to be considered at the same time. Such a theory does not exist yet.

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    If you start off with (the formation of) hydrogen, which can form stars, which can form heavier elements which explode and form even heavier elements which lead to the creation of solar systems.

    There are some serious problems with the big bang. You say it contracts to a small point. Do black holes expand? Does something more compact than a zillion black holes expand? No. the big bang idea falls at the first hurdle.

    As to spelling, if you haven't done so, download Firefox. It is an internet browser like Internet Explorer. It is a small download and when done it will ask you if you want to copy your favourites. Click yes and you're done. You will then get a chance to download extras like a dictionary which will spell check your posts and underline any words spelt wrongly. A right click will give you correct spellings.
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