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    Hi everyone
    I have a small astronomical telescope - a 100 mm refractor. As a southerner, I am looking for interesting objects in the southern sky to look at. This is not just for me. I anticipate showing other people some of the wonders 'up there'.

    Some are obvious. I have located the Great Nebula in Orion, along with the binary Alpha Centauri. The globular cluster Omega Centauri.

    Any suggestions of what else I should be viewing in our summer southern skies, and how to find it??

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    The southern sky is full of spectacular objects to watch. Certainly, there are the Magellanic clouds with the Tarantula Nebula inside the large and an impressive globular cluster next to the small cloud. Moreover, the central region of the milky way is visible with lots of nice gas nebulae there (e.g. M16 = eagle nebula or M17 = Omega nebula). Any free planetarium software should be able to assist you in finding these objects (e.g. XEphem, Stellarium).

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