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Thread: Rules on homework help - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING OR HELPING

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    As much as I appreciate pupils and students looking for help in this forum, I would like to suggest a few rules on helping with specific homework questions. These rules are meant as a guideline only and are by no means an attempt to impose my views and the majority of the moderators of the natural science sub-forums on others.
    1. This forum is meant for discussion of interesting scientific topics. This includes both asking specific questions and a lively exchange of arguments.
    2. Homework, especially when touching science topics, does not only comprise the reproduction of knowledge, but can also be meant to practice the research of resources which is a crucial ingredient of scientific methods.
    3. Just copying answers without own contemplation is worthless and cannot be regarded as gaining knowledge. It must rather be called cheating.
    4. If you are considering to use the forum to support your homework efforts, first honestly try yourself by researching scientific references like textbooks or trusted information gathered with the internet. Try to combine all information you have.
    5. If you still seem to be stuck and you want to ask the forum members, expect support in finding the answers yourself rather than solving the entire problems. A good hint can be valuable. Carefully describe, what you have already tried to get to a result so that replies can be as specific to your problem as possible.
    6. Please, do not expect to get answers on short notice. So, putting pressure on potentially helpful posters is considered impolite.
    7. Some answers may involve a lot of thinking or even lengthy calculations. So, a "thank you" reply is appreciated.
    8. For those kind individuals, who want to answer homework questions, please support those rules and do not answer the questions prematurely. Rather consider helping the poster finding the answers him/herself.

    I hope these rules are reasonable enough to be followed by everyone.

    Dishmaster (Moderator).

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