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Thread: Relativity on objects falling into a Black Hole

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    I'm curious about the effect of a few things... We know that a lot of the problem with objects escaping a black hole have to do with not being able to exceed the speed of light, but what about when they're falling in? Clearly objects falling in will be accelerated to very high relativistic speeds during their fall.

    Would the perceived length contraction make the bh appear/be closer than we perceive it to be from the perspective of the object falling in? (So, shortening the R^2 portion of the gravity equation)

    Would the object itself begin to get really really massive (I mean relativistic mass here) and exert gravity of its own on the bh?

    Does the time part matter? The object might perceive the fall to take an even shorter amount of time than it does, if its perception of time is changed.

    Do any of these matter?

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    Falling objects into a black hole, their speed is directly related to the gravitational pull and cannot reach speeds that we observe in jet streams.

    One mechanism is that jets are formed via a property of plasma able to form double layer electromagnetic fields that form a Z-pinch and within this Z-pinch matter is able to be degenerated to subatomic particles and compressed. The speed of the particles is able to get close to the speed of light. Because the jets are formed from electromagnetic fields the matter within the jets are not influenced by the extreme graviational pull of the black hole and travel in a kind of straight line away from the BH.

    Thats my opinion

    Smile and live another day
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