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Thread: Planet Earth is Tiny

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    Ever wondered about just how small Earth is? Well here is a quick documentary i made showing just how tiny Earth is.

    Feedback is most welcome.

    This sort of puts things in perspective.

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    Well yeah but we're a lot bigger than atoms aren't we? Scale is relative: we are something. That positive spin would balance your message & and give real perspective.

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    We are what we are tiny small ?Who are you to say we are tiny ?A tiny thing can be bigger and stronger the all things you can name from your universe.
    Solomon Grundy
    In 1944, this creature rose from the swamp, with tremendous strength and some dormant memories that for example allowed him to speak English, but not knowing what he was, and not remembering Cyrus Gold or his fate. Wandering throughout the swamp, he encountered two escaped criminals, killed them, and took their clothes. When they asked him his name, he simply muttered that he had been born on Monday. Reminded of an old nursery rhyme about a man born on Monday, the thugs named the creature "Solomon Grundy".
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    Our planet is the ideal size for intelligent life. Just like Goldilock's porridge.
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