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Thread: I Think I Saw A Satellite?

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    Heya people,

    I was just outside letting the dog do it's thing before bed time, and I always look up at the night sky, as it truley is a pretty sight when there's no clouds. But instantly upon looking up (And, no clouds!), there is the standard set of strong/weak lit Stars, and a super bright one, about 3-5 times as bright as normal!

    Not only that, it was moving pretty fast (compared to anything I have seen before considering the distance from the planet), like at arms length a ruler horizontal across the sky, it must have be up to 10 centimetres of movement in the space of like 10 seconds? Despite it first appears superbright, in that period of movement it quickly weakened and became invisible to the naked away.

    I guess I saw a Satellite? (Looking for clarification from you guys!). A large one, in a safe but low orbit, or something? I'm not a star gazer fan so I'm not clued up on this at all.

    And no, I'm not excited because it could be ~ALIENS~, no, lol, I'm not that way, it's just the first time I have seen sometime so distant, and so swift! It's captured my interest!

    Thanks for any responses! It's still an awesome sight even if it is Man-Made, it's something I can still appreciate, i.e.: Look at our technology, it's in space! XD

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    definitely sounds like a satellite or maybe even the ISS.

    You might even be able to figure out what you saw here:

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    Seeing Satellite i oso got see b4 when i got camp i oso got see b4
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    i think i saw one too but never thought it would be a satellite
    no wait ! one day i woke up from bed and looked at the stars and i suddenly saw a bright star with its colour changing i swear and it didn't move one bit but the colour was changing!, i was amazed but i never knew what it was.

    what do u think it was ??
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