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Thread: My Little Theory On How The Universe Works

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    I saw something on the history channel that shows the universe as one huge super atom or something just enormous, and then it exploded and viola, big bang.

    Then it showed how gravity works in space by placing a large ball on a blanket and have smaller balls getting attracted by the larger ball.

    So I thought, what if the universe is just a huge, huge, HUGE cycle, because they said when the sun dies, it will lose it's gravitational pull or just explode or implode and send all the planets that were orbiting around it off to somewhere else, well... Earth has to crash land somewhere, right? It could mess up another solar system, and then that would create a chain reaction.

    It would eventually become one giant mass again, but it would take a long time.

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    While your theory has very logical reasoning behind it, that is it would make sense for that to be true, it has already been theorized before and largely debunked:

    It has been revived to an extent but with no basis on current string-theory models it is not very well accepted:

    With the universe being found to be expanding at faster and faster rates, it has been found that at this rate of expansion a "Big Crunch" is all but unlikely. This has been explained either by updating the equations involved with gravity or by postulating the existence of some as of yet undiscovered matter to account for the expansion that has received the title "Dark Matter"

    "It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense." - Mark Twain
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    Iggyhopper. When the sun loses sufficient fuel, it will collapse into a dwarf star maybe the size of the Earth but will still have the same mass, so the same gravity. Earth will continue in it's orbit around the sun, gradually drifting away as it is doing even now.

    The nearest possible solar system to us is about 25,000,000,000,000 miles away, so safe from a wandering Earth for untold billions of years. It would also need impossible accuracy to get there too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberia
    It would also need impossible accuracy to get there too.
    Let's say 'highly unlikely', rather than impossible. :wink:
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    Your little theory of how the universe works is a good theory of how the little universe works. :? It's way out of scale. By some views, infinitely out of scale. In any case our planet is far far less than a speck in comparison. The known universe is is so huge you'll want this chain reaction exploding at light speed just to catch it.

    Here's a pretty vid putting Earth in perspective. But note the distance between bodies was much shortened for dramatic effect - real distances at that speed would make a very long boring video.
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