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Thread: another Poem

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    Apr 2008
    someone told me to post this here so here it goes!

    Methinks you loath thine vulgar bosom
    And truly envy mine
    For if thy bosom where any better
    It would still be less than mine

    For all who stare upon my bosom
    For that they’ll surely do
    They scream and awe at its glory
    Its brilliance the envious boo

    Thine build is shapeless
    And bulging through
    The poor, ill-fated cloth
    And Shoe

    But if you choose I’ll teach you
    How to be like me
    To walk and talk seductively
    Now, let’s talk about the fee

    You see, my services are not for free
    They surely come with cost
    The price is this, a trifle dish
    A serving of thine soul

    If you object to this offer
    Then I will not hold offense
    I’ll simply pack up and leave this place
    But that would not make sense

    Pray think for just one second
    And assess the situation
    If you could be just like me
    It’s a wonderful sensation

    I’ll leave with this final word
    Please, let me make my peace
    I’ll give you one, single day
    Before my offers cease

    Part 2

    it's A work in progress so, be sensitive
    also, add anything that you find school appropriate and fallows the theme of the story

    Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ... - Louis Hector Berlioz
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