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Thread: Has any one seen Zeitgesit ?

  1. #1 Has any one seen Zeitgesit ? 
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    Just curious what others thoughts on it are if you have.

    I am planning to see it more out of curiousity ,is art or just spin doctors , or even worse the TRUTH ?

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      I have seen it some time ago and found it interesting. I dont remember it all but heres my rough view

      I think they go the extra mile to prove their point, adding a little BS here and there (that people wont know is false unless they reseach it) and put things out of context to sway people, but that doesnt mean that some aspects of their premise are completely false.

      A long time ago by studying mesopotamian religions I have come to the personal conclusion that Judeism(and the christian old testament) was in great part a mosaic of attapted version of various myths from other religions that had preceeded it. Back then I though Jesus might have been an historical figure but that his cult had added various miracles and statements. Many aspects described in ZG are wrong imo (the word sunset coming from seth, convoluted astrological references that could be the result of the forer effect that may have fooled the filmakers the same way astrology fools people that beleive it, etc) but even if they are off base in many instances I think its likely Jesus might never have existed.

      I also think that 911 was an inside job, that most people in government didnt know, even in the Bush administration itself (except Cheney who was key in making sure the planes were not intercepted), but that key people in the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, knew, and that Mossad also played an active role. Something probably went wrong in relation to WTC 7, perhaps the Truck Bomb with israeli agents that was intercepted near George Washington Bridge was meant to be positioned next to WTC7 to provide the theatre excuse for the demolition colapse (but this is pure speculation on my part). In anycase its hard to have all the details right for now since its secret, its fairly easy to suspect it was an inside job after doing a bit of research. I find the former Italian president's comment (the one with links to western intelligence and that revealed the existance of operation Gladio) about 911 being mainly the work of CIA and Mossad very plausible (Unless I am mistaken ZeitGeist completely avoids mentioning any reference to possible Mossad/Israeli envolvement).

      The FED is important for people to know about and should be corrected. But I hope people wont miss the important part which may not have been covered at all(I dont remember), which is money should be issued by the people and for the people (by an open, transparent and democratically elected body). Simply abolishing the Fed will not solve this at all, nor would using a gold standard, both of these could be red herrings if Bankers still indirectly control the issuance of money (money as debt & fractional reserve) or control the gold.

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      no but herad about it

      i did see alex jones movies like terror storm
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      A lot of people are getting involved in the awareness of the oncoming NWO these days, its getting more obvious. I like listening to David Icke because he makes a lot of sense. I particularly found intruige in how the banking system works. I can take loans gallore now and not have to pay them as long as I can convince the courts the bank never gave a solid exisiting consideration :P
      "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe". - Carl Sagan
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      Defining what is true or not is a very difficult task. I like zeitgeist because it makes it very obvious that very large organizations care very little for individuals and that individuals care very much about themselves. This creates a conflict of interests.
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