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Thread: The Top 50 Greatest Works of Art!

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    A fine choice of art

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    Well, of course art is a notoriously subjective, but while I heartily approve of some of your selections I must make the following observations:

    You have a couple of Dali's but have omitted his most moving work, Christ of St John of the Cross . (See here for a discussion

    Nothing by Turner! Nothing!! I grant you The Fighting Temeraire is popular, but that doesn't mean it is poor art.

    And where is The Night Watch? In a single stroke (actually several thousands) Rembrandt transformed our understanding of portrait painting.

    I'd drop a couple of Breugel's and throw in a Poussin and a Constable.

    Can't stand van Goch, except for his early work, which is delightful. You've included only his later stuff.

    Glad to see El Greco make a showing, but not the one's I would have gone for.

    And I would have like to have seen some sculpture. Michaelangelo's David, Canova's Three Graces, and maybe even something by Henry Moore - or is that too modern?

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