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    …..Most Original Halloween Costume Design goes to the kid who showed up at my door dressed as a country. Accompanied by his mother he accepted his award, a more than generous handful of candy, with gratitude. So what country was it you ask? A little white kid from a predominately white neighborhood had chosen Mali as his favourite. It was like a Google map presentation, worn like a sandwich board, with some cities highlighted….Timbuktu for example. Why you ask? His mother explained that for some reason he had recently developed an interest in atlases, maps, globes etc and decided he’d be a country for Halloween. I took a picture of him and his mother with permission but as not to be labelled a creep I’ll keep it on my phone for couple days, show some folks and then delete it. Unfortunately I won’t show it here either so use your imagination.

    Any interesting costumes worth noting or acknowledging you observed last night? I’m kind of glad I saw this kid, it helps erase the disturbing image I still carry when a father/son team showed up as the Columbine Shooters, trench coats and all. Not sure if it was that year or year after but I retired the Most Disturbing Award after that because I don’t think it can be beat.

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