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    I don't know the actual source; I downloaded a video segment of Tommy Shaw, guitarist, songwriter, vocalist (Styx, Damn Yankees) discussing his solo career, specifically the ill-fated video for "Girls With Guns". It's a fairly old interview, as the content suggests.

    (Video: excerpt, "Lonely School")

    Q: What do you think of music videos?

    TS: I think they're something that's undeniably part of rock and roll anymore. And like 'em or not, they're here to stay. I like 'em a lot. They're something that I think each artist has to develop his own ideas and his own image. And I had a baptism of fire in that personally, you know, when it came time to do my "Girls With Guns" video. It's hard to break old habits, you know, and I immediately went and did this big production video.

    (Video: excerpt, "Girls With Guns")

    TS: I got it back and I looked at it; it's beautiful but it's just wrong.

    (Video: excerpt, "Girls With Guns")

    TS: So it's something you have to stay on top of because you can wind up going to a lot of trouble and have something represent you that you don't want. And I was fortunate enough to have good friends at the record company who were behind me and said, you know, "We'll forget this ever happened."
    The single was released in 1984. The ill-fated first video looks remarkably like a blend of the 1970s and 1990s. Really, it's just ... creepy how perfect a statement of its era that first video seems to be.

    The second version of the video, for the record, looks a bit like GnR's "Sweet Child O'Mine", just black-and-white footage of the band playing in an empty room.

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